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The Evils of the Illuminati



Beloved in Messiah, I have to say that this is not a happy page, or a Word study, but a revelation of the evil world that threatens all mankind and one that will lead the world into the Great Tribulation! It was some time back when we came across the official website of that evil worldwide organisation the Illuminati, that is so closely associated with the Masonic Lodge & Bilderberger’s group, etc, and is thus one of the most evil organisations we can possibly think of, and it is one that that expounds many evils as will be shown by their own words hereunder. (The underlining in their articles is by us)

As a Hebrew believer in Messiah Yahushua - Yeshua, I am fully aware that I will come under attack, due to this page going online. However, I suffer attacks constantly, why? Simply because I am a “Messianic Jew.” But I am sure that the faithful in Messiah will pray for my protection! For interest, the Illuminati has removed all their sites and associated sites, since I first published their material on our previous website, and now we publish it here on Scriptural Truths, for the truth needs to be known!


Yahushua said

if ... you hold to My teaching, you are really My disciples.

Then you will know the TRUTH,

and THE TRUTH will set you FREE

Yochanan - John 8:31-32.




Copied from: http://oneworldorder.org

Please Note: The original Illuminati webpage was removed not long after we placed this page online.


1. All prime directives are of equal importance regardless of how they are listed (There are some deep secrets behind the reasoning for these directives.

2. Humanity must survive at all costs.

What this means, is that all measures must be taken to ensure this, and this is a need, which outweighs the rights of the individual/individual rights.

3. Planet earth must be protected at all costs.

Same as above.

4. The most intelligent and educated humans are superior to all others and they must reproduce with others at all costs and must be protected at all cost.

Basically, all this means, is that we seek to establish a hybrid human race, devoid of nationalism and racism. Studies show that children of mixed races are more intelligent and healthier overall.

5. Logic and reason must be the foundation of all speech and teachings at all costs.

This means that no fairy tales must be permitted to be taught to children or anyone. Opinions must be stated as being such, and the idea of ghosts and spirits are concepts based in irrationality and stupidity. There must be supportive evidence for everything involving education and higher learning. Society must be cleansed of superstition etc.

6. No human may hold a superior position unless he or she has obtained degrees in physics and biology.

This is because those whom are educated in these fields, posses a higher understanding of reality, and thus posses an advanced/developed mind. Education breeds education and enlightenment.

7. The population of planet earth must be reduced to 3 billion and maintained at approximately that number (until such time when our Enlightened Society is in place and all the family names of our enemies are wiped off the planet).

The basis for this is, prosperity, security, and well being of not only society, but all life forms on our planet, and our beloved planet itself. The reduction in population is to be done through education of the need for this. Of course, there are other means, and Mother Nature and diseases will help us in this regard.

8. All human males and females should be sterilized as soon as they reach puberty, to protect them from premature and unwanted births.

Unlike some uneducated fools think, women can still have babies, even with their tubes tied, but not accidentally and men can have their sterilization reversed once they are mature, educated and able to support children financially.

9. All criminals must be used for productivity science research and experiments. Criminals are to be given options to choose if they wish to work or which scientific experiments they are willing to be part of.

This is self explanatory.

10. Science and scientists must be the only governing body of planet Earth and humanity.

This is so that intelligent people compose the ruling class, not religionists, and politicians. What we will achieve with this is a system of law and order, not political and religionist mind games.

11. Politics and politicians must be eliminated at all costs.

This is because in a society of Objectivists, there is no room for politicians. The society of the future will be ruled by the enlightened, together with society, which too will be enlightened and highly educated.

12. Farmers may own up to 10,000 acres of land and must never be taxed as long as they utilize their farms for farming (until all is set in place).

This is because they provide the essentials of survival, and is to be considered a sacred matter. Farmers are not to be belittled in any way. Not all fields require degrees in physics, and it does not devalue any one human being, overall.

13. Genetic engineering must be one of the most supported fields.

If you do not understand this, it is not for you to understand.

14. All governmental bodies must be under the command of persons with degrees in physics and biology and chemistry.

Read above.

15. All lower life forms must be protected at all cost and scientific research must take this into consideration.

Self explanatory.

16. Humans must not be permitted to consume any type of flesh.

Killing other life forms, simply because we like the taste, is barbaric, and is rooted in savagery. Furthermore, consuming other animals introduces all forms of bacteria, diseases, and microbes into the human body, which can eventually produce a soup of the most deadly viruses. There is no need to kill other animals, to eat, or for any other reason. The only exception is when one's life is endangered by an animal, and even then, alternative measures should be seriously considered or to save a human life. (There is a great secret behind this directive, only available to Illuminati Members). Like, meat will be poisoned in due course!

17. Should an alien being(s) visit our planet or should we encounter other aliens humanity must consider them superior to us and must protect and never harm them unless they pose an obvious threat and immediate to our kind.

Self explanatory. Furthermore, if such is to take place, chances are, they would be superior to us in both knowledge and evolution.

18. Nationalism, religion and racism must be eliminated at all costs.

Self explanatory.

19. All types of humans (nationalities) must procreate with each other at all costs.

This simply means that when one does decide to have children, it should be with people of another "race" (lack of a better word). This does NOT mean everyone should immediately do this. Just if and when.

20. Anyone who is against the Prime directives must be neutralized at all costs.

This is an internal matter, and for the digestion of the Illuminati Order, and its members.


Please Note, the Illuminati speak of their “Jewish Friends” etc, which is a clever implication of Israel. They even use the word Shalom in their writings. Indeed there are some Jews in the Illuminati as well as in the Masons etc, But, this does not mean that all Jews or Israel has a part for it is a very small minority, just as it does not implicate every Anglican, who today makes up large part of the masons!

Reuben ben Gershom.


The Illuminati Strikes Back - Writes the Illuminati online

In light of our success, and with the growing number of worthless books written about us and our Freemason friends, we have decided that time is ripe for us to emerge to the forefront, at least in part, and in doing so, we need to set the record straight once and for all.

First, a little brief insight into the origins of the Illuminati Order. This is not intended to be a concise history of the Order of The Illuminati, but merely a snapshot of the truth of things with regards to important events in the history of our secret society. Pharaoh Sesostri the First had a son named Lidus, whom learned the ways of architecture and built many fabulous structures. He became very famous, and many of the wealthy had paid him large fortunes to teach their sons the arts of Geometry and of architecture, how to build fabulous temples and homes for the wealthy. Lidius became very rich and famous, and his school became renowned worldwide. Lidius had a love for exotic animals and birds, and he used his wealth to establish for himself a little private zoo, where he would spend much of his time, playing with various animals. It was during this time that he discovered he could transmit his thoughts and feelings to some of the animals, especially tigers, cattle, horses, and many others.

He then told his servant Yaber about his new discovery, and asked him if he could test his ability on him. As time went on, the two discovered what is now known as "telepathy." Yaber, who ran Lidius’ school of Masonry passed on this ability to those whom, took an oath to secrecy. As time went by, they discovered that if they formed a triad, they can induce thoughts and emotions into others whom were unaware they were being subjected to a psychological experiment. They visited temples, where they would find sincere subjects whom were ripe for exploitation. The Telepathic Craft worked well, so well in fact, that they were able to extract more money for their work from their clients. As they travelled, they spent many years working on major construction projects, and the Masons sought to expand their brotherhood and establish powerful friends wherever they went. They decided to teach the craft to all whom were wealthy and were in high positions. Priests and priestesses were prime candidates, as well as political leaders, kings and governors.

It was in Rome that the craft found fertile grounds, as well as in Greece. The pagan priests whom were initiated into the craft united into another secret society, which would take over the Roman government through religion. They formed regular triads in every temple, where the unsuspecting subjects were being brainwashed literally, with thoughts and emotion transmitted by the triads; the worshipers were feeling what they thought were spiritual or mystic experiences, when this in fact was nothing more than a trap. And so, the Church prospered. Kings became victims of triads, as well as any ruler in authority. This is how the Church obtained its power. The Craft found its way in many secret societies in just about every religion throughout the world, as time went by.

By the late 1600s Masonic lodges were abandoning the rules of the masters, and all forms of infighting took place. The Masonic Brotherhood was to remain a secular institution, but renegades started their own Masonic Lodges, invented initiation rituals, and permitted just about anyone whom wished and had wealth or position of power to join their Lodges. The Church, even though it banished and denounced the Masonic Order, sent agents to infiltrate the organization, which until the 1700 was comprised of secularists, philosophers and the educated elite, and men of influence. In 1701 a group of friends gathered together at the house of a host whom had invited them to his birthday party. It is during this occasion, while the 13 of them were in the host’ cellar admiring the fine wine collection and relaxing in the cool of the chamber that the issue of politics and religion was brought up. These wealthy friends decided then and there to seek out all the Masons whom were atheists, deists, agnostics, and freethinkers and initiate them into "a circle of friends" with the goal to eradicate religion and seek to free mankind from the chains of superstition. The new initiates were taught the art of the Craft, and learned to master it and use it to find potential new recruits.

Adam Weishaupt was soon called before the council and asked if he would be the "Initiator of the Order" later to be known as The Illuminati Order. Weishaupt was very successful, as he had deep and far-reaching connections as well as close friendship with the Enlightened Masons of Europe. He set up many Illuminati Lodges within the European Lodges, and charged a group of loyal friends to start Lodges in America and recruit every liberal minded person of notoriety. The Circle of Friends already had special friends in America, and the founding fathers of the US constitution were among the strongest Illuminati, having recruited many industrialists, and bought many others with funds provided by the Circle of Friends. John Adams had established many institutions in France, Germany, and England, after which the Illuminati were ordered to operate from deep underground cover.

 When the Church flexed its muscles and ordered the Jesuits to seek the destruction of the Illuminati throughout Europe, the Illuminati Council had ordered Weishaupt to seek out and provide shelter for all our European agents. As time went on, the Masonic brotherhood became more and more of a social club and even today, it is nothing more than that. During the 1950s many of the Jesuits had begun to teach the craft to other religious leaders, and just about anyone whom had lots of money. While we were in a state of absolute war with the Church and the socialists, the order shared a common secret, the craft of telepathy. Both sides has thousands of Telepathic Masters, and no matter how much we were seeking each other’s destruction, we were unwilling to teach the craft to irresponsible persons, especially religious persons. What alarmed us is the discovery that many preachers have acquired the craft, and many others whom used it to practice what is now known as "psychic" powers. None of the psychics have any mysterious powers other than telepathy, which is quite normal, and all humans’ posses the ability. We discovered later on that the Jesuits were teaching even ordinary people the craft, in order to use them as servants and do other dirty work.

When the Vatican decided to have the VIA (Vatican Intelligence Agency) ordered the liquidation of one of our dear friends, John F. Kennedy, because he was preparing to expose the Church and the Jesuits, we declared an all out war against the Vatican. Many people in the world have no idea how powerful the Catholic Church actually is. If Catholics knew how few of the Catholics priests actually believe in god, they would be shocked.

In 1971 the Council decided to separate the men from the boys, so to speak, within the Masonic brotherhood and to put to real tests those whom came to our side. All Enlightened Freemasons were asked to start other secret organizations, and to recruit the Mossad, MI5 and to form a triad with our other Intelligence agencies. It was during this time that the Jesuits set up shop in the Middle East, and began to train Muslim clerics in the craft, whom in turn use the craft to turn loyal subjects into complete robots, to carry out suicide attacks against our Jewish friends.

Order recruitment efforts publicly, and with few secrets, now that we have achieved much of what we had worked so hard for; the spreading of the gospel of reason. Time has come to initiate the second phase of our struggle, the struggle for freedom from religion and superstition, freedom from tyrannical governments, theocracies and dictatorship. We have fashioned the US and many other nations and prepared the world for what is to come in the next 50-100 years, and it is during this time that much of our vision will become reality, and prepare the way for the final phase, which shall remain secret for the time being.

This is the great secret of the Church and the mystics and all the looters and tyrants. The Church’ dress has been raised, we have uncovered her nakedness. Now people are to know what is the power behind the power of the Church. If you are a Catholic, or religionists of any kind, now you know why you feel "spiritual" connection or experience during religious services, and especially during songs in church etc. There are triads in large churches transmitting telepathic messages to all the unsuspecting subjects, and individual preachers doing the same in their small churches, and the same in Synagogues and Mosques. Here is a test for you. Walk into any Catholic Church 15 minutes before Mass, or before regular Sunday services, and we bet you will feel a sense of gentle fear mixed in with a sense of mystery. This is because telepathic messages can be recorded and played back as you can any other recording. Telepathy works at the quantum level, utilizing all forms of quantum waves. Telepathic transmissions piggybacks onto just about any form of artificial energy. Soon our scientists will have measuring devices, which can measure quantum waves with extreme precision, and then you all will have your so much desired scientific evidence. But, to the sceptics, we have provided you with basic instructions for learning how to develop and use your telepathic ability. Try it and see for yourself.

We have decided to make this public, as a final blow to our greatest enemies, the Church and the Mystics. Now the Church’ singular power, aside from its great wealth, has been revealed, the secret is out and the destruction of the Church will soon be realized. Telepathy takes a while to learn, use and master, but after thousands of telepathy students master it and come forward, more people will seek it, and the Church will no longer be able to eavesdrop into the minds of their slaves to get them to donate money. The Church will be striped of its clothes, soon enough.

So there you have it! The Illuminati is alive and well, and always has been. We were underground, but no longer. Our secrets are now fewer and of a different nature. All types of authors as evil have portrayed us. Yes, we are evil, as far as they are concerned. We seek to eliminate all the churches and all those whom brainwash our young with mystical baloney and enslave the minds of men and women with religion and false virtues. If that is what they mean by evil, in that we seek their destruction, then yes, we are evil. We are pro-freedom and religion is anti-freedom. If we could have gotten away with a clearer US constitution we would have done so, but the religious atmosphere prevalent in the population of that time did not permit it. But make no mistake about it; all of the founding fathers were Illuminati as well as Masons. They all played a crucial role in shaping the future for the better. None of them were Christians, and only a few of them were deists. The rest were Atheists, freethinkers, and agnostics. So the next time you hear an American Patriot speak of the founding fathers in a positive light, call him or her a hypocrite to their face, because the American patriots are Christians, and religionists, and the US Constitution is pro freedom, not pro theocracy. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam especially stand directly against EVERYTHING our Constitution stands for. The Church (Catholic) is seeking unification with other faiths so it can strengthen itself financially, because is uses money to bribe politicians and UN officials to pass laws favourable to itself. It uses OPEC to grant favours to oil companies, which are owned by under cover Jesuits. The pope no longer has any clothes

The following is only for those whom know what it means, so ignore it.
The time is near, the time is here, the time has come.
The time has come, the time is near, the time is here.
The time is here, the time has come, the time is near.


I had intended to add another page that contained their “Articles of Action” and I am well aware that you would have been greatly shocked and horrified by many of their extreme and evil plans which they have in store for all believers and the world in order to create their own “perfect intellectual world” but beloved, I decided against it, for it is far too evil and frankly it is a tool of Satan, thus not worth reading and therefore I have decided no to go ahead publishing it! I feel what is written above is enough to give us an idea!

“Teach me Your way, O YHVH. I will walk in Your truth.

Tehillim – Psalms 86:11


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